2 August 2019


Mrs. Karen Mc Dewitt

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Last entry date: July 7th 2019

Swedish participantrs pays to Bankgiro  179-7505  Reciver  NORRA LA


Foreign exhibitors pays to

Foreign participant within EU och Norway pays to

IBAN account number:    SE55 8000 0816 9569 4216 6171   Reciever  SCKBD


Payee: SCKBD

Payment receipts must indicate the name
of the dog, reg no and owner 

A copy of the registration certificate with complete pedigree must be enclosed
together with a copy of payment and WCC if applicable, only foreign exhibitors.

Last entry date: July 18th 2019

Entries can be made to the dogshow can be made throug our website or

use The Swedish Kennel club’s entryform for foreign exhibitors.

Puppyclass 4-6 month & 6-9 month
Juniorclass 9-15 month
Youngsterclass 15-24 month
Workingtrial class 15 month -
Openclass 15 month -
Championclass for dogs who are national or / and international champions. 
Veterans 8 years –

Entry fees:

Puppys: SEK 180:- (18 Euro)
 Veterans: SEK 240:- (24 Euro)
Other: SEK 330:- (33 Euro)